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Berry Gordy and Other Motown Legends Remember Michael Jackson

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“I am shocked beyondwords.  It’s like adream -  a bad dream. This cannot be!   Howcan Michael Jackson not be here?

As a kid, Michael was alwaysbeyond his years.  He had aknowingness about him that was incredible. 

When I first heard him singSmokey’s song “Who’s Lovin’ You” at10 years old, it felt like he had lived the song for 50 years. 

Somehow, even at that firstmeeting with him, he had a hunger to learn, a hunger to be the best and waswilling to work as hard and as long as it took.

I had no concern about hisability to go to the top.  He waslike my son.  He had warmth,sensitivity and two personalities. 

When he was not on stage, hewas loving, respectful and shy. When he WAS on stage, he was so in charge you would not believe he wasthe same person. 

Michael was and will remain oneof the greatest entertainers that ever lived. 

He was exceptional, artisticand original.  He gave the worldhis heart and soul through his music.

I extend my sympathies to Joe,Katherine and the entire Jackson family. My prayers are with them.”

-Berry Gordy

(Founder, Motown)

June 25, 2009


"It is always hard to lose a friend. I will miss Michael and allthat he brought to the world through his music and his creative genius. I knowhis legend will live on and the world will miss him dearly."

-Smokey Robinson


“The world has lost one of the greatest artists of the 20thcentury. The Motown family has lost an irreplaceable son, brother and friend.”

-Shelly Berger

(Jackson 5 Manager from 1969 - 1972)


“To me, he is ‘Michael the Magnificent.’ Michael Jackson wastruly one of a kind and we will never see anyone like him again in ourlifetime.”

-Otis Williams

(The Temptations)

“I knew Michael when he started out as an incredibleyoung performer and watched him grow into one of the most outstanding talentswe have witnessed in our lifetime.  He was a terrific young man whose talent and creativity grew as he did.  Iwas one of the lucky ones who was present at the Motown 25 that year when he debuted BILLIEJEAN.  I was sitting in the audience and there was an incredibleenergy in the room that I can only call "spirit" that reached out andforced everyone to their feet. It was the most powerful energy I've everwitnessed from an entertainer. Michael was not only a great artist andperformer, he was a philanthropist and such a generous man whose gifts wereboundless. The last time I saw him was at a small dinner party in New York atthe home of a mutual friend. He was an intelligent business man and a gentlesoul who had tremendous love and respect for all of us who came before him inthis business. I  will miss him terribly. My heart goes out to his family.” 

-Lamont Dozier

(Holland Dozier Holland)

“On the day Michael Jackson died, like Hal Ashby, we’re leftonly to mourn. But we can also celebrate their life’s works because that’s whatwe are going to remember them by.”


(Artist formally known as Cat Stevens)


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