Sir Mix-A-Lot

Sir Mix-A-Lot

Born Anthony Ray (a.k.a. Sir Mix-A-Lot) was born in Seattle, Washington. He's the city's most famous rap artist in a city more known for it's grunge rock stars like Nirvana's Kirk Cobain.

In 1985, Sir Mix-A-Lot put his name in history when he struck a hit with the release of "Square Dance Rap." In 1987, he released his first album titled, "Swass". The platinum debut album contained the 1985 track "Square Dance Rap" and the major hit "Posse on Broadway".

Two years later, Sir Mix-A-Lot released his 1989 second album, "Seminar." This album launched the popular tracks, "Beepers" and "My Hooptie."

Then came 1992, a year that changed big butts around the world. With the release of his album, "Mack Daddy," unloaded a heavy weight punch with the mega hit, "Baby Got Back." The song was inspired while dating a girl who had a little waist and a big butt. He was sitting in a LA hotel room watching the Superbowl where he took notice of a beer commercial featuring the Bud Girls, as he described as "beanpoles." Not being his flavor of Kool-aide, he started writing the song, which is now etched in music history as..."Baby Got Back!"

"Ride," was a complimenting follow up track included in his 1994 release of the album, "Chief Boot Knocka." It contained enough bass to rattle a window 3 blocks away.

Continuing with his pattern of hits, Sir Mix-A-Lot released a 1996 album featuring the track, "Jump On It" which would tie his fans over until his most recent release in 2003, "Daddy's Home."

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