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An omnipresent fixture in the early days of music video, Tears For Fears brought Orzabal and Smith into the pop music spotlight via their 1983 debut album The Hurting, a sophisticated collection of inward-looking, electro-tinged pop songs including "Mad World" (recently covered to enormous U.K. success by Gary Jules), "Pale Shelter" and "Change," all Top 10 hits in the band's British homeland. The Bath-based duo, longtime friends and prior members of youthful band Graduate, never anticipated the even greater success that would greet them next, however. 1985's Songs From The Big Chair was an international sensation, boasting three Top 5 singles in the U.S. alone (dual No. 1's "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" and "Shout," and "Head Over Heels") and catapulting the pair to superstardom.

In an attempt to satisfy the international demand for the band, the group then spent an extended period touring and promoting the new album around the world-a time that, as we would later see, would take its toll on the band in the days to come. Tears For Fears continued, and indeed when Big Chair's follow-up Sowing The Seeds Of Love emerged four years later, it soared into the Top 10 and offered the No. 2 smash "The Seeds Of Love." A joyous, profoundly Beatle-esque burst of rich melodic pop accompanied by an equally memorable video, it proved well worth the wait to those fans who'd been clamoring from more from Roland and Curt.

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